Monday, July 28, 2008

Wendy's Baby Shower

We had Wendy's baby shower yesterday. For those who don't know, Wendy is Hubby's daughter. Our second grandchild is due September 15. They already know it's a boy and are naming him Noah Frank. (Frank is Tag's real name).

Hubby's sister Peggy and I collaborated for the shower. It was at Hubby's mother's house, where Peggy also lives. She set it all up on the patio in the yard. We were extremely lucky, because we got the shower in and everything cleaned up literally minutes before it downpoured and began thundering and lightening.

It was a "modern" shower in that all the male members of the family stayed. Hubby wanted to be there, as did Wendy's brother Kenny. Her uncles stayed and so did her cousin, Ryan. It was more of a family party than a shower. Wendy did get dozens of beautiful gifts. She seems to be all set with the big stuff.....carriage, car seat, swing, etc. Hubby and I are getting her a crib, which I just ordered last night. I did notice that she didn't get any bedding for the crib.... hmmm.... Memere needs to do a bit more shopping!

Sitting next to Wendy is her boyfriend, Allan. On the other side is her half-sister Tracy.


tag vennard said...

I want to get them some photo albums, and we can start one for them with the photos from the shower.
smooch, love ya

sylvie said...

That is so nice to have the whold family involved, I hope things work out for Wendy.