Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Odds and Ends

Just a bunch of little stuff to chat about......
My old Aunt Izy moved from the town next door into Salem in May. She called about two weeks ago and invited Hubby and I to see her new place. We've literally been so busy we haven't been able to go see her. I hope she doesn't think we're avoiding her.

Hubby and I got to babysit Emily this afternoon. I had called to see if I could go visit her before they leave on vacation, and DIL said she had a dentist appt. and asked if I was coming to visit anyway, could I babysit? Of course!! Hubby came home from work and joined me. She's as cute as ever. Hubby was counting to five with her and she actually said the word, "Five!" wow! She enjoyed playing the ukulele with Pepere:

The weather the past couple of days has been gorgeous. These are the days its a pleasure to work at a summer camp. Unfortunately, it's supposed to turn rainy with thunderstorms tonight. Tomorrow night is the make-up Family Night we had to cancel from last Thursday when we were having monsoons. I'm not sure if they'd postpone it again or just cancel it.

Hubby's car wouldn't start coming out of work on Monday. He had it towed to a garage and I went down to get him. The garage didn't even look at it yesterday, and today they called and said it was the starter. Hubby has put in TWO used starters since he got the car two years ago. Each time cost about $50 for the used starter and Hubby did the work. This time the garage put in a brand new starter and, with labor, it was $269!!!!! It damn well better not EVER give us a problem again!

Besides family night on Thursday, we have Hubby's work cookout on Friday afternoon and then we're going to see friends sing at a coffeeshop on Friday night. Saturday we have Hubby's family reunion, and Sunday (weather permitting) we'll be going to visit my parents at their campground. Once again, I will have to go back to work on Monday to rest!!

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