Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Post Office

I feel like I might have finally struck a blow for the eradication of junk mail! Lately we've been getting so much junk. Not just for us, but for daughter Jamie, son Nick and stepson Kenny, all of whom have lived here for periods of time in the six years I've been here. If it were decent mail I'd send it on to them, but it's all junk. Mostly credit card offers ....and mostly from Chase. I swear I get two or three PER DAY! between all of us. So I began writing in black marker "Return to Sender - This person no longer lives here!" and throwing it in the corner mailbox. I wasn't sure what would happen....I was hoping it would really go back to the sender and they'd get the hint. Today I got a very nice note in my mailbox from our mail lady, saying to please let her know whose mail she could leave in our box and whose I didn't want. Hurray! The Salem Post Office must have been getting my return letters and realized I was sick of getting all that junk mail. So I wrote a very nice note back saying Thank you, and please only deliver mail to Karen or Frank (Tag) Vennard and NOT to anyone else .....including Karen Naylor! (Since I haven't been Karen Naylor for over two years!!) I hope it helps. I don't know what will happen to that mail now...whether the Post Office will just trash it or if they will really send it back. Either way, I don't have to look at it, or dispose of it. The only problem is the junk mail I'll still get in our own names.....but I might try the same thing I've been doing for catalogs. I get so many catalogs. I do order things online a lot, and it seems that if I do, they start sending me paper catalogs. I dont' want their catalogs. I order online so I don't have to look at catalogs. So I began sending emails to the companies who send me catalogs asking them to stop. So far I've gotten emails back from each of them saying that yes, they will might take a month or two because they send out mailing lists early. So I haven't had the chance to see if it's working yet. But I'm going to try the same things with the junk mail (especially Chase) and see if it helps.

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