Thursday, July 24, 2008

No Family Night!!

Hurray! Family night was postponed, thank God! My first reaction was, "Yea! That gives me another week to learn how to fold the $@# Origami Cranes!! Seriously, the camp day itself should have been cancelled. A summer snow day. On the way into work the downpour was so heavy I should have pulled over to the side of the road. The day varied between incredible downpours and thunder and lightening that seemed to be happening directly over our head....or.....sunshine. There was about 1% sunshine and 99% rain, but it was still a weird day. Needless to say, it was a very difficult day. We only have so many indoor places for kids to go on a day that's as bad as today. It was a long day and very tiring. Thankfully, one of our staff suggested an "adult staff meeting for staff over the age of 21" after camp ended at the Chili's down the street. A couple of margerita's and some cheese fries later....I was feeling just fine! Our Color War break was also postponed. Color War is when they take the entire camp and divide it into two teams. For the next three or four days the two teams particpate in competitions that range from field games to water races to spelling bees, etc. It's a lot of fun but very hectic. The "break" is the exciting moment when the kids find out Color War is starting and find out who the "Generals" are as well as what team they're on. I thought the break was Wednesday afternoon, only to find out it was planned for Thursday afternoon. Since I usually don't do any art classes during Color War, I had no plans made for today. Big Time Scramble!! But I pulled it off. Then we didnt' have the break this afternoon either. Thankfully, it will be first thing tomorrow morning. Good thing since by this time in the summer I am running out of crafty ideas. The big thing at camp this summer for some reason is Beadie Animals. I have run out of pony beads and I'll need to get some more this weekend. On the other hand I have lots of gimp, which is usually the huge fan favorite at camp. Go figure.

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