Saturday, July 12, 2008

Love the Weekend!

Working at camp is so exhausting. It's go, go, go ....constantly. Thursday night was Family Night, so we had to stay until 8pm. Everyone was extra-busy all day long getting everything ready while still doing our regular thing with the kids. The activity for the night was a Carnival. The counselors and kids made up the carnival games. We had a big raffle table and a prize table for the kids to redeem their tickets that they won at the games. I was assigned to sell raffle tickets for half the night and then take care of the prize table the other half. I certainly feel bad for those poor people who work at Chuck E. Cheese giving out the prizes. It's kind of a zoo! At one point there were so many kids surrounding us I felt like I was being attacked! Hubby came and helped me out for the evening....God bless his soul! Today was a beautiful day so we decided to go to a State Park. We try to find a different one every time. We went to Silver Lake State Park in Hollis, NH. It was pretty big, with a long beachfront and tons of picnic tables. There were tons of people there, but still plenty of room for us. We swam, ate ice-cream from the little store, and read on the beach. A nice comfy day. Since we were so close, we called daughter. Jamie and asked her to come with us. She was busy but called back and suggested that instead of us bringing our BBQ to the beach, we could bring it to her house have a BBQ with her. We sat out on her tiny back porch and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs, drank some raspberry wine and talked. We left when it got dark. Tomorrow we plan to stay home and putter. Actually we have bunches of errands to do, but they're all local, right in town so hopefully we can get them done quickly and be home.

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