Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Am I Living in America?

Tomorrow is "Red, White and Blue Day" at summer camp. The staff likes to get all dressed up for our Special Days. I was woefully inadequate on "Pirate Day" this past Tuesday, but I always make sure I dress appropriately for Red, White and Blue Day because I love to honor our country. Last year I found a red T-shirt with a flag on the front, but I wanted a new shirt this year. I like to wear tank tops to camp because T-shirts are just too hot.

So after work I went to Wally World (aka Walmart) to get a Patriotic tank top. Unbelievably there was absolutely nothing....NOTHING....patriotic in the store! I expected to see a display at the front door with Stars and Stripes paper products and clothing, maybe some small flags for kids to wave. There was NOTHING. I checked every department including the men's department for anything patriotic. NOTHING! You would never even have believed we have a major holiday coming up in just a couple of days.

After Wally World I went to KMart....again....NOTHING! I can't believe these major chain stores aren't taking advantage of a holiday to strip consumers of some of their hard-earned cash. Sadly, I didn't get a tank top. I'll wear last year's T-shirt. I'm disappointed that two of the major national retail chains don't have enough love of America - the land that made them great- to offer Patriotic wares so people can celebrate the love of their country.


Joan said...

Well, that's because they don't make all that many American flag products in China these days. Perhaps if more of "our" products were made in the USA we'd see more American-themed products? Just a thought... and shame on WallyWorld AND KMart! I strongly suggest you write a letter of complaint to both!

Coffee Slut said...

Old Navy has plenty of patriotic tanks/t-shirts.