Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Catching Up

It's been a busy few days. Once camp starts I get so immersed I forget about everything else. I haven't touched my cross-stitch in two weeks, and I'm reading about 15 minutes of my book every night before I fall asleep. Just keeping up with housework is a challenge. It's not just the hours I put in at the camp, it's the extra hours I spend prepping, looking stuff up online and shopping for supplies. It's only the second week in and I'm exhausted. Last night was the second-to-last night of pottery. We skip a week for the instructor to go on vacation, then it's back for one more week to glaze all our pieces. I didn't throw any new pottery last night. That really is the technical term for making pottery on a wheel - throwing. Although, as you can well imagine, we dont' really throw it. As a matter of fact, the goal is to NOT have clay flying all over the room! We did learn how to "hand-build" and we trimmed and decorated the pieces we had and learned how to make handles for our mugs. I ended out with three mugs, a flower pot, two or three bowls and a votive candle-holder. I'm satisfied. Step-daughter and I went to Target on Sunday to register her for her baby shower. As it turns out, Hubby and Step-daughter's boyfriend ended out coming too. They abandoned us when we went down the aisle with the bottles and started discussing the merits of various breast-pumps. We found out later they went to the video game section of the store. It was fun to walk around the baby aisles and just zap items with the scanner. Kind of a "dream" shopping trip. We didn't hesitate to zap anything we thought she'd need....and a few things she just wanted. The shower is the end of July. Gotta get cracking on the invites. Short week at camp because of the holiday on Friday. Thank Goodness. But we have so much planned for the weekend it'll go by in a flash and be Monday again!

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