Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Last Pottery Class

Tonight was the last of the 6 week pottery class my Hubby gave me for my birthday. I've really enjoyed it. I always wanted to try it and now I'm glad I did. I'd definitely go back for more lessons....although it's kind of expensive. I came away with three coffee mugs, four bowls, a plant pot and a candle holder. Tonight we glazed everything. I was surprised when she told us we would spend one whole night glazing, but it turned out it really did take that long to glaze everything. First we had to "wax" the bottoms....the glaze cannot touch the shelves in the kiln or the pieces will stick to it. A good way to tell if a piece is really hand-made and fired in a kiln is to look on the bottom and see if there's any glaze there. Then we had to decide what glaze we wanted to use. You could pick one for the whole pot, have a different glaze on the inside, double-glaze for a layered effect, or just add a second color onto the rim. I did a little bit of everything just for fun. I'll throw some pictures up after I pick up the pottery in a couple of weeks.


tag vennard said...

I cant wait to drink my morning coffee out of my new bowl/cup/holder you made hunny!

Joan said...

Pictures! We want pictures! (And I love the fact that Tag reads your blog! Jeff reads mine only by Court Order, I think...)