Thursday, June 21, 2018

Cape Cod with Friends

Along with our friends Rick and Kate and Pat and Bob, Hubby and I headed on an adventure to Cape Cod.   We made our first stop at The Skipper Chowder House in South Yarmouth where they offered a lovely brunch out on the patio.  The weather was spectacular....clear blue sky and about 70 degrees.

It being Father's Day and all, the guys decided they'd all love to take a ride in the company vehicle.

The focus of our trip was the Wydah Pirate Museum.  

 Our friend Pat is a singer/songwriter and she wrote an amazing song about young John King, who was an 11 year old boy who went down on the Wydah Pirate Ship off the coast of Cape Cod.   

While digging through the ruins, amongst other things was found a small black leather shoe.  That shoe caught Pat's interest and, through research, she found out about John King.

When we found out the Wydah Museum had opened on the Cape, along with the actual shoe, a road trip seemed in order.  The museum was beautifully done and very interesting.   At the end of the trip, we decided to go back and video Pat and Rick performing the song on the bench in front of the museum.  When Pat's husband Bob finishes developing the video, I will share it with you.

After seeing the Museum, we drove to the little cottage Pat found on Air B n B.   Since the whole idea for the trip was Pat's, she got to be our tour director.  And she did a phenomenal job!!!  The cottage had a lovely kitchen, three bedrooms and a comfy living room.

It also had a beautiful back yard and patio that we didn't get to spend nearly enough time in.

The cottage was only a ten minute walk to the beach.   It was a beautiful evening to stroll along with our feet in the water.

Pat and Bob found a nice spot to sit and rest.

 That evening we got to spend some time playing Traditional Trivial Pursuit  - boys against the girls.  The boys won...but only by a tiny bit!!

The next morning we made breakfast at the cottage, then took a walk through a nature preserve which ended out at a beach on the bay side of the Cape.  

Hubby and I picked up seashells, and Hubby found a whole Sand Dollar!  I consider that good luck!

And then...another highlight of the trip.....Lobster Rolls at the Sesuit Cafe!!    Hubby and I went rogue and got a seafood platter, but the others got what they said were the best Lobstah Rolls Evah!!
We sat at picnic tables by the water to eat, which is always such a favorite of mine.

To work off our lunch, we decided on some Mini Golf.  In keeping with our Pirate weekend, we went to the Pirate Cove.

Tag and I did not win, so.............

Pat won and got to wear the "Green Jacket"

That afternoon we spent some time on the patio practicing our songs, because our wonderful Travel Guide Pat had found us an open mic to attend!

Cooper and Kenneally, as well as Karen and Tag, performed three songs each O'Shea's Pub in Dennis, MA.

We went to bed much earlier the second night!!   After another great breakfast at the cottage, it was time to head home.

After taking some group shots at the cottage..............

and going back to the Wydah Museum to video "The Small Black Leather Shoe"..............

We went to Gelato Cafe Bertini's for the second time for some mouth-watering Gelato!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Glass Blowing

As a Christmas present this year, our son Doug and his lovely wife Kara gave us a "Glass Blowing" class!  Perfect gift for us as we are both crafty and love to try new things.

We drove down to Norwood to Luke Adams Studio, which was situated in an old warehouse.

First we had to pick out a "simple" project.....Tag chose a paperweight and I chose a Christmas Ball.

The second project could be more involved.   Tag chose a drinking glass and I chose a vase.

You start off with putting a long metal rod into a blazing hot furnace and scooping up a big blob of molten glass.   Our teacher was Dylan, and he very wisely never strayed very far from us!

Once you have your blob on the end of your metal rod, you have to keep twirling it to keep the glass from sagging and to keep your item round.

To make it perfectly round and smooth, they have wooden cups with hands that you hold underneath and continue to twirl the rod.   We had lots of help from Dylan.  I can't imagine trying to do both things at the same time!

After a short time, you add  bits of colored glass to the outside, then add another blob of molten glass on top.  That's how they make things that look like the colors are inside....because they are!!

Then you use the tongs to score the end of the piece so Dylan can just tap it and the part attached to the rod comes off.

Use a blowtorch to heat the bottom of it just enough to flatten it so the paperweight will sit flat on a table.

For Tag's glass, he had to hold a wooden paddle against the end of it while Dylan opened up the end with a pair of tongs.

My turn to get some molten glass out of the furnace

Roll it in the wooden bowl...

Get some colored glass.

More molten glass

Keep rolling it to keep it round.

My "simple"piece was an ornament, which is hollow in the Tag got the job of blowing into the end of the hollow rod to put air inside the glass while we kept rolling. Not an easy task!

For my vase, it was a much larger piece of glass....very heavy but important to keep it moving.

For my vase, I had to do the same thing as Tag did with his glass. I had to hold a wooden piece against the opening while Dylan opened it wider with the tongs.   We also used the tongs to make an indentation partway down to create a flaired top.

Using the blowtorch to flatten the bottom

My vase came out beautifully!

Tag's paperweight

His glass

And my ornament!

Lots of fun and, as usual, a very thoughtful gift from my son and daugher-in-law.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Elsie's 6th Birthday Adventure

For Elsie's 6th Birthday, we decided on a trip to Boston to see "Disney on Ice".   Since Elsie is a Princess, it seemed appropriate!    Noah wore his Star Wars shirt, hoping that he'd see some of those characters.  He's a smart kid who knows that Star Wars is put out by Disney.  To his dismay, there were only Princesses at Disney on Ice.   But his consolation was that he got to ride the train!

Memere said Elsie could just wear a light jacket, since we'd be warm enough on the train, so Grampy gave his coat for her to wear while we waited on the chilly platform.

Headin' Out!

And on our way!

The train ride was about an hour long.  Elsie spent the time looking out the window, while Noah spent the time talking Grampy's ear off!

It worked out rather well, because they train brought us directly to North Station, and we went up three escalators to get into the Garden.

Waiting patiently for the show to start.  Again, I didn't really think about the arena being cold  (duh!  It's an ice rink!!) but we managed okay.

Nice photo of a stranger and my double chin.

The skating and production were amazing.  It was hard to take photos because everyone was moving so fast!!

My favorite....Beauty and the Beast

Including my favorite song, "Be Our Guest"!

Lumiere dancing around

 The Beast

Belle and Gaston

Then out came Cinderella and her carriage and horses

I tried to convince Elsie this was a real horse, but she didn't agree!

I forget which characters these were, but pretty cool that they were flying up in the air!

Time for Elsa (Elsie's favorite!) and Olaf!

And the last Princess to appear was Mulan.  I've never seen this movie (gasp!!!) so I don't know the characters or the story....but it was still entertaining to watch.

 This giant crab has only one skater inside the costume

The Grand Finale was all the character coming back out and saying farewell.....which answered the question of whether all the Princesses were played by one person!

It was a very successful day.  The kids were so well-behaved.  I had told them no treats  (so expensive!) but since it was Elsie's birthday I took her to one of the vendor's and bought her an Elsa doll.   And Noah was veyr happy with a huge slice of pizza before we got on the train coming home.

Such a great memory.....Our first time at Disney on Ice!