Sunday, May 21, 2017

Karen and Tag's Short Weekend Adventure

I earned a free night at a Best Western through my work.  They have a hotel in Franconia Notch in the White Mountains, so I figured that would be a lovely place to go for a short weekend getaway.

I truly could not have picked a better weekend.  The weather was absolutely perfect! Is there a word for "better than perfect"?  Because if there is, then that's the word I'd use.  Bright blue skies, 65 degrees and a slight breeze. No bugs!!  A perfect weekend to spend outdoors hiking in the woods.

We left early on Saturday morning and stopped first at one of our favorite places - The Tilt'n Diner.   No waiting, even though it was Saturday.  And a great, big, yummy breakfast for about $25.

Next we stopped at The Flume

There is just no way to adequately describe the beauty of the Gorge.  Along the way there were other interesting things to see.

This is Purple Trillium

A bridge before we get to the Gorge.

Despite the gorgeous, sunny day, it was a smidge chilly so close to the water and high, granite walls.

Walkway leading in.

Stairways right up against the granite walls.

The sun was way, way up!

After you're through the Gorge, this is Cascade Falls.

And then there's a rather pleasant walk through the woods to return to the beginning.

Just up the road from The Flume is The Basin

A natural rock formation carved into the granite by the force of the water.

We finally got to see Echo Lake on a beautiful day. We've only ever seen it in the rain!

We both thought the water was a bit chilly.

Back to our hotel to re-group.  I can guarantee this photo was staged!

Then up to Littleton, where we had a rather disappointing meal at Grill One-Eleven.  Should have checked Trip Advisor!

They did have a very nice downtown.  However, at 7pm on a Saturday night, not much was open!

Tag would really have liked to look in this store!

This place was open.  It was named "Bad Art".  Of course Hubby found a place that sold used records!

Back to the hotel to attempt a swim in the pool.  The "heated" pool water was very cold, and the tiny hot tub was crowded.  So we only stayed a 1/2 hour then went to bed!

In the morning......another disappointing hotel breakfast.  :(    I had threatened to skip the hotel breakfast and find something better, but Hubby said cereal and yogurt was fine with him.  Next time I'll insist!

We left the hotel and headed out onto the Kancamagus Highway.  32 miles of trees and water!
One of my favorite stopping spots is Sabbaday Falls.   Again, pictures don't do it justice.

After a 1/3 mile walk in the woods, you come to the falls with a big long set of stairs to go up to the top.

Some other pretty flowers!

And our last stop along the parkway was the Lower Falls.   I was excited to put my feet in the water.....for about 2 seconds!

The Lower Falls were spectacular with all the spring run-off.

Hubby relaxed on a rock!

I had a lot of fun climbing on the rocks!

We finished the drive to the end of the Parkway and stopped in North Conway, where we indulged at Zeb's Country Store, and checked out some antique shops and bookstores.   We also stopped at the NH Artist Guild, which is always awe-inspiring!

We capped of the weekend with lunch out on the deck of the Muddy Moose.

A great way to turn one free hotel night into a lovely weekend getaway!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter 2017

I had the great good fortune to have a full dinner table for Easter this year!   

Nick, Kelly, Audrey and Elise....Jamie and Sean.......John, Ruth and Laura.....Hubby and me

I hope this isn't a commentary on my cooking!

After dinner, Kelly did some sweet little braids for Audrey's hair.

Then outside for some playtime!

The awesome swing Jamie built got some good use

This is how you put a baby to sleep!

And Memere got a selfie after Elise finished her nap in my lap!

Time for the Easter Egg Hunt!

Memere didn't mind helping!

Laura found her gigantic egg with the special surprise!

Auntie Jamie shows Elise what's inside!  
(most of the chocolate had to be refrigerated.  It was 80 degrees out and the eggs had been hidden by the Easter Bunny earlier in the day.)

Audrey tries to figure out how to get inside her egg.

Noah and Elsie search for eggs.

And the swing gets some more use

After packing up the car, Elise decided she would be the one to drive home!

It was one of the hottest Easters on record, but it was wonderful  to be outside in the warm sun, with the breeze blowing and the smell of spring in the air.  It's always such a blessing to have my wonderful family come join us in our home.