Sunday, March 4, 2018

Elsie's 6th Birthday Adventure

For Elsie's 6th Birthday, we decided on a trip to Boston to see "Disney on Ice".   Since Elsie is a Princess, it seemed appropriate!    Noah wore his Star Wars shirt, hoping that he'd see some of those characters.  He's a smart kid who knows that Star Wars is put out by Disney.  To his dismay, there were only Princesses at Disney on Ice.   But his consolation was that he got to ride the train!

Memere said Elsie could just wear a light jacket, since we'd be warm enough on the train, so Grampy gave his coat for her to wear while we waited on the chilly platform.

Headin' Out!

And on our way!

The train ride was about an hour long.  Elsie spent the time looking out the window, while Noah spent the time talking Grampy's ear off!

It worked out rather well, because they train brought us directly to North Station, and we went up three escalators to get into the Garden.

Waiting patiently for the show to start.  Again, I didn't really think about the arena being cold  (duh!  It's an ice rink!!) but we managed okay.

Nice photo of a stranger and my double chin.

The skating and production were amazing.  It was hard to take photos because everyone was moving so fast!!

My favorite....Beauty and the Beast

Including my favorite song, "Be Our Guest"!

Lumiere dancing around

 The Beast

Belle and Gaston

Then out came Cinderella and her carriage and horses

I tried to convince Elsie this was a real horse, but she didn't agree!

I forget which characters these were, but pretty cool that they were flying up in the air!

Time for Elsa (Elsie's favorite!) and Olaf!

And the last Princess to appear was Mulan.  I've never seen this movie (gasp!!!) so I don't know the characters or the story....but it was still entertaining to watch.

 This giant crab has only one skater inside the costume

The Grand Finale was all the character coming back out and saying farewell.....which answered the question of whether all the Princesses were played by one person!

It was a very successful day.  The kids were so well-behaved.  I had told them no treats  (so expensive!) but since it was Elsie's birthday I took her to one of the vendor's and bought her an Elsa doll.   And Noah was veyr happy with a huge slice of pizza before we got on the train coming home.

Such a great memory.....Our first time at Disney on Ice!   

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Palace Theater with Dad

Our Christmas present for my Dad was a show at the Palace Theater.  I saw tickets to see Sal "The Voice" Valentinetti, and I knew this would be the perfect show for him.   Sal was a contestant on America's Got Talent, and the judges and America just loved him.   Although he doesn't look it, he's only in his early twenties.  And yet he loves the music of the Frank Sinatra era.   Since the show, he's put together his own show with a brass band, "The Black Tie Band" behind him.   

We had good intentions of bringing Dad out for a nice meal, but realized as I called several restaurants that we would never find one near the theater that didn't have a long wait.  So we decided to stop at the next place we drove by, and it was a Wendy's!   No matter....Dad is very easygoing, and he was quite content with a hamburger and a hot cup of coffee.  Cheap date! 

Our tickets included a "Meet and Greet" before the show.   Dad didn't want to stand in line, so he sat in a chair while Hubby and I waited, then we called him forward when it was our turn.   Sal turned out to be a very friendly and personable young man.  He's extremely Italian!  When I told him this was my Dad, he says, "Forgedaboutit!  He's too young!  And who's this guy? Your Husband?  No way"!   And he turns them both toward the crowd and says, "Hey! Who do youz think is older?"  After our picture, he shakes my Dad's hand and says,  "Hey, keep it cookin', good lookin'!"

The Black Tie Band warmed up the stage.

And then Sal came out and sang many of the old standards by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitgerald, etc. In between songs he had a hilarious patter that kept us all laughing.

When we left the theater, we saw his buddy "Big Tommy" who had accompanied him to America's Got Talent and now was helping him with his tour.

It was a great night and so nice to spend some quality time with my Dad!