Tuesday, July 22, 2008

King Cutlet

There are several places around town that are institutions. King Cutlet is one of them. They used to be right in the middle of town, in an area we call "The Depot". They moved out of there a couple years ago and the little string of shops where they were located was torn down. They put up some huge monstrosity - an uppity-yuppity restaurant/club that we can't afford to go to. Luckily, King Cutlet moved to another location in town. For whatever reason, I haven't been there since they moved. Hubby has been bugging me to go, egged on by my father who keeps telling him what a delicious place it is - my dad becoming feral when Hubby indicated he might take my dad's King Cutlet coupon. Last night we were at loose ends for dinner, and Hubby suggested King Cutlet. We didn't have a coupon (thanks Dad) but we went anyway. We got it take-out.....you can eat-in at the little tables but it's not pleasant....plus if we take it home we don't have to pay for drinks or a tip. I got my usual chicken cutlet with cheese, sause and mushrooms. I got the "regular" size. Hubby got the same, minus the mushrooms, but he got the x-large. We also got a side of fries. Hubby's sandwich was a monstrosity, much to his delight. He ate the whole thing. I did what I usually did....took the cutlet off the bun and ate it on a plate without eating the bread. I don't like soggy bread, and the cutlet itself plus the fries is more than enough for me for a meal. Now that we've conquered King Cutlet, it's one less place I haven't taken Hubby. We still need to get to Thwaite's Market in Methuen for their homemade tomato sausage and meat pies, and also get to Harrison's in North Andover for their unbelievable roast beef sandwiches. The life of food connoisseurs never ends.

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tag vennard said...

I love it when it's my turn to cook!