Monday, July 7, 2008

Mom's 70th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated my Mom's 70th Birthday. My parents were camping with my sister so we all went up to the campground for a surprise party. Neither of my parents knew we were coming. We kind of just showed up one by one until it became obvious that something was going on, then my sister and I brought out the Happy Birthday banner.

It turned out to be a beautiful day, despite the weatherman's predictions of rain. We spent most of the day like this:

The "kids" (AKA the grandkids who are now ages 17-28) went off to the lake and did some swimming, played some new game that involved throwing balls at a target and went to the field to play frisbee and football. The "old fogies" sat around and talked. It was a nice relaxing day for everyone.
We had brought a cake and all sang Happy Birthday and Mom blew out the candles.

I hope she enjoyed the day she had with her children and grandchildren. It looks like maybe she did.

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