Monday, April 28, 2008

Vacation Monday

Wow! I am so awesome! I got so much done today I even surprised myself. 1. Cleaned my closet....a bunch of stuff for the trash, a bunch more for Salvation Army. 2. Cleaned my armoire....exhanged winter clothes for summer. Not a smart move since it's been raining and COLD all day today! 3. Cleaned my bathroom....needed it so bad. 4. Wrote SIX query letters, addressed them, made my SASEs and they are ready to send out tomorrow. 5. Worked on the DVD for my dad. 6. Did some cross-stitch. Tonight son #2 is coming over with his girlfriend for dinner...Pasta Primavera is on the menu....thank you Kraft Food and Family magazine. Tomorrow I am visiting with my mom. Wow!

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Joan said...

Ahhhh...don't you just love productive days?! Have a great vacation!!!