Friday, April 11, 2008


Time for me to rant a bit. Despite the name of my blog, I haven't done an awful lot of that. I have two things today: 1. Why oh WHY do people feel the need to constantly complain???? As a subsitute teacher, I get to spend some time in the teacher's room....during the teacher's "prep" period when I have nowhere else to go. I just spent an hour and a half listening to three teachers complain about the school, the administration, the pay, the kids name it, they complained about it. The teacher's room is small and slightly really have no choice but to listen. Problem is......I DIDN'T WANT TO!! 2. How can a school district in a large town have such horrible technology??? (alright...I know I'm complaining like those teachers were, but I'm not doing it OUT LOUD). I'm in a class where the students need to use laptops to type their papers. We have a system called COWS (I wish I could remember what the acronym stands for). *** Hubby reminded me it stands for Computers on Wheels....duh! ***It is a rolling cart with about 20 laptops that get plugged in to a central location and are charged after each use. Only about 14 work, and of those 14, about 4 have missing keys!! Missing keys???? Have you ever had a keyboard where the keys fall off???? The Tech problem in this school is so big it's not even funny. I could go on and on.....but just because I don't want to annoy you....I won't.

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