Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gorgeous Spring Day!!

What a beautiful day today. It's our "Spring Tease". It's 70 degrees and breezy out. I took my 8 month old grand-daughter (see slide show on the right) out in her stroller and we both just loved it. She especially liked when the breeze blew on her face. I opened all the windows in my condo before I left, and opened the windows at Emily's house too. Of course, she thought the curtains waving in the wind were great...had to tie them up over the curtain rod! My daughter-in-law and I both agreed that we shouldn't jinx things by putting snow shovels or boots away. My boots will literally stay out until I start digging out my bathing suit. You may laugh, but snow in April or even May is not unusual in New England! I'm so tempted to barbecue outside tonight but that might be pushing it a little. We'd probably be out there in our winter coats by this evening. Still............ The temperature is supposed to be back down to the 50's tomorrow. Oh least I got one day wearing my Berkenstocks!

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Joan said...

You're right! Spring can tease you in New Hampshire! One of the biggest snowstorms I remember was a blizzard on Mother's Day of 1971? 1972? somewhere around there.

Love your slide show :) What a cutie-patootie!