Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Gee....aren't cars fun? Not so much when they have to be repaired. Hubby's muffler fell off as he was driving down the highway Monday. Always a pleasant experience. His garage said they could fix it today. Notice I say HIS garage. I don't want to have anything to do with garages....or cars....except to drive them. We had to drop the car off last night so the garage could have it for the day. That means Hubby had to take my car to work, since he works about 40 minutes away. I work right in town, so the plan was that I would ask someone to give me a ride home. I am a substitute teacher and don't know where I'll be working but I have one person at each the high school and the junior high who I know live nearby and can give me a ride. Unfortunately, my ride contact at the junior high was absent, which meant I had to WALK. The horror!!! It's at least 100 miles.....okay, maybe 50....would you believe about 2? Thank God it was an absolutely gorgeous day and it was a pleasure to be outside. Of course, I was a gym teacher sub (AGAIN!) and had spent the whole day outside playing Capture the Flag (sometimes life is just so tough, huh?) so between that and the walking I have a nice little sunburn. Nothing too unpleasant. Just some nice pinkness. Hubby hasnt' worked overtime for two weeks, but since he's taking Friday off for our big trip to Montreal they needed him to work overtime tonight.....which means he would have been home after the garage closed.....which means I had to WALK to the garage!! Another mile!! The happy news only cost $100 including labor.....the bad news is....I asked him to let us know if he thought more work needed to be done before inspection in June. Let's just say I shouldn't have asked.

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