Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day

April 15th.....Tax Day. I've never had to worry about it before. I always do my taxes the minute all my w2's come in because I always got a refund. This year we were pretty disappointed that we have to pay! Something to do with them changing Hubby's w4 to married so they take out less money. I thought he would have had to sign something to change? or maybe it happened automatically because we filed married/jointly last year. Whatever the reason, instead of having a nice chunk of money we have to pay out $231, which isn't a huge amount in the big scheme of things, but geez....I'd rather be getting that amount back instead of paying it out. Now they've got this big economic recovery thing going where we're supposed to get a free check from the government. Someone sent me a chart that shows when you'll get your check based on your social security number. Looks like we won't get ours until fall. Damn.

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kenneth frank said...

if you did direct deposit for your tax returns and they receive your tax forms on time, you should get your refund in may!