Friday, April 11, 2008

Reality Television

Okay, I have to admit that I love Reality Television. I think most people either hate it or love it. I don't love them all....I would never watch Project Runway or Big Brother. But I do like some of them: Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, Beauty and the Geek, and sometimes Jon and Kate Plus 8. Survivor - Thank God Eliza got voted off. I really can't stand her! She so deserved to be voted out. After seeing the fake immunity idol she tried to play it anyway without even making an attempt to cover her ass by doing some wheeling and dealing. What a dope. I'm kind of disappointed that some seriously good players got voted out so early...Yao Man and Johnny Fairplay for example. I think they would have made the game more interesting. There are still some good players left. Ozzy of course. Everyone loves James but I haven't seen him do much of anything this season. Eric is turning into quite the "playa". But the real interesting character is Cirie. Watch out for her. American Idol - I guess I'm not too good about picking them. I chose Ramielle and Michael Johns at the beginning and they're both out. Sometimes I am dead on with what Simon says and sometimes we're total opposites. Of the ones who are left, I think the two Davids have a chance. I'd like to see the two blondes, Kristy and Brooke, leave soon. I was sorry to see Chickeze go. Beauty and the Geek - I'm not sure how many people watch this show but it is just hilarious! Ten beautiful but dumb girls and ten super-smart but geeky guys and they pair them up and try to get them to teach each other something. It's actually one of the more socially redeeming shows. Not as much fighting and back-stabbing and more helping each other out. I was so seriously ready for Joe to go until this week's episode where he finally became "human". I'm not sure if I want him to actually win, but it's nice to see people grow. The Amazing Race - It's not on right now, but it's probably my favorite show. It's the show I'd love to go on if only I had a partner who would go with me! I love that they get to go to so many foreign countries. Anyone want to go with me? Jon and Kate Plus 8 - I just started watching this and the jury's still out. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I like the kids, but the Mom drives me crazy. But it's like watching a car upsets you but you just can't look away. Since I was a preschool teacher for 25 years, I could give her all kinds of good advice about how to handle a bunch of kids.....but she didn't ask me!


kenneth frank said...

Karen, of all of these shows right now I'd say John & Kate Plus 8 is my favorite one! Reality tv is so formulaic now, it's refreshing to see a straightforward documentary style show that is also so accessible!

You really should be watching TOP CHEF on Bravo, too though!!

Joan said...

Yeah! John & Kate Plus 8! Love that show and Brayden loves to watch it with me! Top Chef is an excellent show, as is America's Top Model (except when they scream -- why do grown women scream like that?!?) If I could watch only ONE reality show, it would have to be Amazing Race. By far the best thing on TV these days.