Monday, April 14, 2008

Dentist/Obnoxious 8th graders

OH MY GOD HOW I HATE GOING TO THE DENTIST!!!! I really really do. I honestly would rather go to the gyno than the dentist. It's uncomfortable, inconvenient and makes you feel so crappy. But you gotta do it, right? I suppose I'd rather go than have all my teeth fall out or worse, have them ripped out and put dentures in their place. But still......... Of course today was the most terrible horrible no-good very bad day ever. I subbed for 8th grade and it was nothing short of torture. The kids were rude, obnoxious and I sincerely wanted to slap a couple of them. They picked the wrong day to be like that because the anticipation of going to the dentist put me in a mood that did not involve being patient. For the first time I actually referred not one, not two, but three students to the dean's office for discipline. One was texting on her cell phone. Seriously, if you're going to do that try not to be so obvious with your head down and your hands in your lap, and if you ARE going to be obvious, at least keep your ear open for the teacher's footsteps so you can shove the damn thing under your thigh before she catches you. Another kid was a PITA from the moment he walked in the door, was never in his seat, then said he wanted to go to the bathroom. When I said no...because if you dont' do work you don't get priveliges (that doesn't look right no matter how I try to spell it) he threw what I can only call a tantrum and decided he had to go SO BAD he would leave the room and damn the consequences. The third kid asked if she could go to her locker to get an assignment and came back with something very obviously in her pocket. She proceeded to sit down near her friend and pull an IPod from her pocket. When I told her to give it to me, she said she had every right to have it in her pocket as long as it wasn't on. I told her to give it to me anyway, and she brought it over....SHUTTING IT OFF as she came. I DID NOT JUST FALL OFF THE TURNIP TRUCK! Anyway....I digress.....I went to the dentist right after work. We had begun all kinds of work last year and stopped because I ran out of insurance. It took me until now to make an appointment. When I went today we reviewed what needed to be done. I had one cavity upper left, which he filled today. (I keep biting the inside of my that just the novicaine or did he do something weird so now my teeth don't fit into my mouth????) Then we dicussed the rest of the work, which involves getting three crowns right beside each other in the bottom right. He wants me to do them all at once since they'll be more consistent and fit better if they're done together. The nice lady at the desk said MY SHARE (after insurance) would be $1500-$1800. Goodbye savings account.

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Joan said...

First, you should be paid a bazillion dollars an hour for subbing for 8th graders. (hug) I'm sorry you had such a bad day. I hate the dentist too :( It seems to get worse as you get older, doesn't it? Hey, stop by my quilting blog and sign up for my giveaway -- maybe you'll get something to cheer you up! :)