Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Cell Phone

I got a letter in the mail saying I was eligible for a new cell phone. My two-year agreement was running out and I understand this is the cell phone company's way of getting you to come in and re-up. That's fine. My daughter Jamie and I had gotten our cell phones at the same time so I talked to her and she said she had gotten the same letter and had already been there and had gotten a nice phone. It was $50 and you get a $50 rebate, so essentially it was free. She told me to get the "red" one. So I went to the cell phone store today and told the lady I was eligible for a new phone....that I wanted a PHONE...not a camera, Ipod, Bluetooth, or the ability to go online. She brings me over to a $200 phone with Bluetooth, etc. Listen hunny, I say, I want to CALL people. That's it. So she comes back with a phone and it's RED!'s the one my daughter told me about, I say to her. Is it $50? She says yes, $50 and a $50 rebate. Wonderful. Here is the phone I'd like to buy because, I tell her, I don't really want to pay for a phone, I like that it will be free. She goes out back and comes back with the phone, as well as a case, an earpiece and a car charger. "For the money, you get those additional things for free." Cool, I think, already deciding who I'll give this stuff away to since I won't use it. She rings me all up and says, "That'll be $99.99". Huh? What do you mean? I ask. I thought it was $50? She says yes, It's $50 after the rebate. No, no, no........You said it's $50 AND a rebate of $50. Hmmmmmm she says, gazing at the screen. I can give it to you for $50 without all the accessories. Fine by me. I didn't want the accessories. While she's waiting for the transaction to go through she's showing me how it has "VCAST" free for a month. I can go online, and play games in the doctor's waiting room so I won't be bored, she says. I don't want VCAST, but it's my responsibility to call customer service within a month and tell them to take it off or they will start charging me $15/month. I finally leave the store with my RED cell phone. I'm happy.

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