Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another Lovely Beach Day

I wish I knew what it was about the beach that makes us love it so much. Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. When I got up the first thing I thought of was "It's much too nice a day to stay indoors, we should go somewhere". Lucky for me, hubby feels the same way. The obvious place for both of us is the beach. Maybe it's because it was one of the first dates we went on. It went like this:

Hubby and I met online, talked for a few months and then met in person at a club his brother's band was playing at. We went out to eat once more after that. The following week was one of those gorgeous weeks in March when you are positive spring has arrived.....65 degrees and sunny. I instantly thought of the beach. There's a place in Seabrook, NH called Brown's that has the best seafood anywhere, and I decided I had a hankering to go there. I called and they assured me they were open, so I called my new BF and told him I'd like to take him somewhere but wanted to surprise him. I never found out until years later that I scared the Bejeesus out of him. He wasn't sure if he was being kidnapped. Despite that, he agreed to go. By Friday night however, the weather had turned again, as it is prone to do in New England and the temperature was about 10 degrees. But it was too late....I already had Brown's and the beach on my mind and we were going anyway. So I called BF and told him to dress warmly....which scared him even more....and we went. He loved Brown's, we walked out onto the beach anyway and kissed under the moonlight. And so it began.

We ended out getting married at the beach. For TWO MONTHS before the wedding it poured out. I was thinking of building an Ark. Our wedding location was flooded two weeks before the wedding. The day before the wedding we sat outside at my daughter's football game in the pouring rain with the wind whipping the umbrella from our hands, and all I could think of was....We are having an outdoor wedding in 24 hours. The day of the wedding dawned brilliantly sunny and warm. It was still very windy, but it was the most gorgeous beach day ever. Just goes to show that SOMEONE up there approved of our marriage!

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kenneth frank said...

thanks for not kidnapping my dad all those years ago!