Friday, April 4, 2008

New Cell Phone - Part Two

So I come home with my new cell phone and put in all my numbers and change the picture on the front, etc. Cool. I had spoken with Daughter Jamie about donating the old phone, so I went online and found an organization that recycles cell phones and donates the proceeds to breast cancer research. mom is a breast cancer survivor (8 months since diagnosis) so it'll be nice for me to support that cause. I decide I should go in and take out all my personal info....I don't want the person who gets the phone to have access to all my numbers. As I'm doing it, I realize the phone still works. I had specifically asked the saleslady when I bought the new phone if....when she activated the new phone...the old phone would be de-activated. She assured me it would be. Apparently not, cause I could make an outgoing call on it. I call "customer service" and when I tell the woman that both phones are activated, she tells me, "that's impossible". uh huh. I'm sitting here with a phone in each hand and I'm able to use both. She transfers me to "technical support". I was a little frightened when the tech guy seemed to be stumped at first. Was I the first person in the history of the world who this ever happened to???? He decided that the saleslady had made an error when she activated my phone. She's supposed to ask me to turn off my old phone, and because she didn't somehow something got crossed (his words, not mine) and both phones work. He instructed me to shut off my old phone, and dial a number on my new phone to activate it again. It worked. Ahhh...the wonders of modern technology. But it still doesn't answer my concern about why a salesperson is clueless and why people, in general, are so incompetent. Can't anyone do their job correctly without me having to go behind them and fix things? I still like my new red phone.

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