Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cars - Part Two

Did I mention how much I hate cars? Yesterday was the whole saga about my Hubby's car going to the garage. So he's driving my car home from work and I get a call and he says, "So my car is working okay now, right?" First of all, Hubby calls me as he's leaving work, which he'd already done, and then does not usually call me while he's on the road.....unless there's a problem. When I ask him what's up, he says he just drove my car into the mechanic's garage. He thinks the brakes locked because he stepped on the brake and the car swerved to the left and he couldn't straighten it out. He was less than a mile from the garage so he just drove it right in there. Wonderful. I go pick him up, we leave my car there with a key and a note for the mechanic. I was really worried about it being fixed today because we are leaving early tomorrow for our trip to Montreal. So once again, I was without a car for the day. I didn't get called to sub so at least there wasn't that problem of me getting to and from work. Things to be mad about: 1. It wasn't the brakes, which we knew were going to need to be fixed soon - it was some other thing (that's the technical term..."some other thing") which is bad because now we have to pay for that AND pay for brakes very soon. 2. I wasted a whole day in the house with no wheels when I had errands to do to get ready for our trip. 3. It's going to cost us $$$. Things to be happy about: 1. The mechanic was able to fix it today. 2. I didn't get called to work so I didn't have to walk home again. 3. It happened less than a mile from the garage and not on the highway or on the way to Montreal. 4. We happen to have extra money right now after our house refinancing so it's not going to break the bank. 5. Shaw's is right next door so I was able to walk over and get myself a yummy salad bar for lunch. Hmmm....5 good vs. 3 bad. Should I be happy then that it happened. NO!

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