Friday, April 25, 2008

Reality TV

So...what's going on with my reality TV Shows? Beauty and the Geek - They're down to four or five teams now. Thankfully, all the really bitchy girls are gone and now the ones who are really transforming for the better are still there. They're keeping it a secret as to how they're going to end it. In the past, they've had viewers vote and they've had the other contestants vote. Each time, I thought people were pretty good about picking the team that deserved it the most. This year it sounds like they might have a final challenge for the winners, which I don't really like. The most tranformed team might not win that way. This week they had a "reprise", which I hate. We're already watching it and we remember what happened, we dont' need to see it again. The one thing they did do however, was go back and do a geek makeover on one guy who was eliminated before he could get his makeover. It was the most unbelievable make-over I've ever seen - you wouldn't even know it was the same guy. Just for that, it was worth watching. Survivor - What the hell is happening there???? Two weeks in a row, the strongest guy who has the best chance of winning challenges was eliminated by being outwitted by the rest of the tribe. AND each of those guys had hidden immunity idols they could have played and didn't! Just goes to show that the "outwit" part of the motto is just as important as they "outlast" and "outplay". American Idol - Again, what the hell is happening here??? They're down to the final five and half of the ones still there don't belong there. There's no question the two Davids belong there, and Syesha has grown on me. But Jason? and Brooke?????? C'mon! There are people who were voted off weeks ago who should still be there rather than those two. If one of those guys wins, I'll never watch the show again. Okay....I've said that before with other reality shows when an undeserving person I don't really mean it. But c'mon people! Smarten up!!

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Joan said...

Did you just LOVE the look on Ozzie's face when he got eliminated? And then when it didn't even dawn on Jason that the same thing was going to happen again? That's a Survivor classic! But American Idol? C'mon! Jason is the cutest thing EVER! I don't want him to go because he's just so darn pretty :) My guess is David Cook will win the whole thing, but I hope they keep Jason to the end.. he's just so darn cute!