Thursday, October 2, 2008


Yesterday was a day off for me. A day off when you're working is different from a day when you just don't get called in to sub. I knew I was working full time the other four days of the week, so I planned to do my housework, laundry and grocery shopping on the day off. And of course, I also babysat Emily in the afternoon. It was a very productive day - I accomplished a lot and felt very organized by getting my laundry all done so I don't have to do any this weekend, and also grocery shopping for three days. In the past I've stopped at the grocery store every day and just picked up what we needed for supper plus whatever we needed from the list. I don't want to do that anymore because I don't have the time, so I have to be more organized and think ahead and plan what we need. It's not difficult, just different. Today was a very un-productive day at work. I have to say that AAA has the most unbelievable training for it's member service counselors. There is an incredible amount to learn, and they make sure you have plenty of time to look at it and digest it. The only problem is.....the trainer loves to talk and she spends more time talking about everything under the sun and not training us! We've been there about nine days and seriously, she could have taught us what we've learned so far in about three. Now push is coming to shove and she realizes tomorrow is our last day and she still has some stuff we haven't even touched on. So we spent the whole day in the training room today until I thought my head would explode. I wish we could have spent more time upstairs at the counter actually doing some hands-on. I guess that's what will happen next week when I'm actually in one of the district offices. I'm looking forward to that - I spent a day there last week and really enjoyed it. I didn't do much.....didnt' help any customers, but I worked side-by-side with a couple people and feel like I learned a lot. Emily was very cute yesterday. She sings the refrain from Old McDonald "E-I-E-I-O". For some reason, she finishes it with the word "duck". So it's "E-I-E-I-O....DUCK!" She has some little plastic ducks and she picked them up yesterday and I said, "Emily, you found your ducks" and she responded with "E-I-E-I-O"! She also learned one of her first words....."sit". Her other Grandmother babysits her at the grandmother's house, and she has a little step between the kitchen and living room. So she's been trying to teach Emily to sit in order to go down the step. Emily walks up to the edge of the step, stops, and says, "sit".....but then just stands there! In her high chair yesterday, she put her leg under her to get ready to stand up and I said in a warning voice, "Emily......" and she looked at me and said "sit"! And she did! She's a genius....we all know it.

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