Monday, October 13, 2008

Tag's Birthday Party

It sure was fun to have all the kids over for Tag's birthday yesterday. We all did a great job keeping it a secret. He says he had no the point that when Doug showed up first with Emily he thought they were just dropping by for a visit. It wasn't until Jamie showed up that he figured something was going on. We're so sneaky!! The only one not there was DIL Kara. Doug was there with Emily, Nick and his girlfriend Kelly, Jamie, Tag's daughter Wendy and her boyfriend Allan and the new baby, Noah and Tag's son Kenny. It was a tight fit in our little condo, but it was okay. I ordered pizzas cause there was no way I could serve a meal to that many people if they all had to sit at the table. The babies were excellent. Emily had fun checking out Memere and Pepere's place. She was very good about not getting into stuff she shouldn't. And Noah of course was a little angel. Everybody got a turn to hold him. Emily was totally unimpressed with him. I thought she'd think it was cool to see a little baby. The first thing she did was went over and took the binky right out of Noah's mouth!! Then she patted his head and that was it. I'm looking forward to more times like this. It's fun to see your family grow. I remember one time several years ago when we were all at a cookout at my brother's house. We were all out on his deck with my brothers, sister and spouses and all the kids....probably about 10 grandchildren at that point. And my dad looked around in amazement at all the people and said to my mom , "Wow....we're responsible for all this!"


tag vennard said...

the most precious gift I got was having all our kids (and their kids) together! a room full of beutiful people!

tag vennard said...

or 'beautiful people!" !!