Sunday, October 26, 2008

Higgins Armory Museum

Hubby and I took a trip with Son Nicholas and his Girlfriend Kelly to Worcester to the Higgins Armory Museum. Nick loves all things Medieval. In 2000, we went to South Carolina and he and I visited a Medieval Castle where they served dinner and put on a show including jousting. Nick usually attends the King Richard's Fair where it's the same idea only outside. When Hubby heard about this Armory Museum, he knew Nick would love it. It was built by a guy named Higgins who also loved everything Medieval, most especially Armor and Weapons. He built the Museum to look like a Medieval Castle, which was really cool. We saw many, many suits of armor: I was quite intrigued by the beautiful design work on a lot of the suits of armor. I found out that all the work was done painstakingly by hand. It took up to a year for a decorated suit of armor to be made. Each one was designed for a specific person. There was a 20 minute presentation that told us about the different kinds of armor and weapons. After the man was done, we were invited to handle some of the weapons and touch the armor. We had to wear gloves because the armor is not made of stainless steel and can be affected by persperation, etc. One of the things I liked best was a "game room" where you could try on armored helmets. Each of us looked just as goofy as the other: There was also a bunch of dress-up clothes for the kids, a toy castle and knights and horses and ladies, a puppet theater, and a giant chess game: Nick and Kelly played a game of "Nine Men's Morris" which was played back in the days of the Roman Empire.
We had a really nice afternoon. The place was insteresting and different. It was great to spend the day with my son and his girlfriend, too.

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