Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Bit Chilly Today

We've definitely been getting some "fall-ish" weather. I don't know what the temperature was today but we had to shut the windows this morning and we even turned on the heat for a bit tonight. It was such a gorgeous day.....sunny, chilly....perfect for hiking.
I had told Hubby I wanted to get outside today. It's such waste to stay inside on such a beautiful day. My new job at AAA has a web page of Things to Do in every state, so I looked up NH and found that there was a "Craftworkers' Guild Harvest Fair" in Bedford, NH. Then I looked up hiking in Bedford and found two areas that had trails.
We packed a picnic lunch and left around 11:30 and headed to Bedford for the harvest fair, hoping to see some really great crafts and artwork. The "harvest fair" turned out to be a big fat nothing. The Craftworkers' Guild did have their building open and we looked around at the crafts (mostly knitted hats and sweaters, sewed coasters and placemats, and painted objects) but there was no "fair". Oh well.
We left there and went to the Heritage Trail. It was a one mile trail along the Merrimack River with some areas that had picnic tables. We had a very enjoyable walk and stopped and had our lunch. The day was just perfect for hiking.
After the Heritage Trail we went to the Van Loan Reserve Trail. This was bigger and had a couple of different trails. There were quite a few areas where the Boy Scouts had laid down wooden walkways, and there was also a great wooden bridge across the brook. It was a beautiful walk in there. We stayed out until about 5pm.


Joan said...

Sigh sigh sigh... It's soooo pretty...

'j' said...

Wow! Its beautiful... You have some gorgeous photos here! *envy*