Friday, October 17, 2008


I am so thoroughly *&%$ed off at UPS I could spit!! Here's how the story goes:
I bought Hubby a thing-a-majiggy for the computer that will allow him to record his music from his keyboard, guitar, etc digitally and put in on the computer where he can use the software to edit it, mix it, etc. Of course, he went to install it and it needed some other kind of doo-dad that would allow it to work on our computer. So he went online to Dell and ordered it. ($22.95 plus shipping).
Wednesday we came home and there was the sticker on the outside door of the condo building saying UPS had tried to deliver it but no one was home. I didn't read until it was too late to call that they needed a signature.
Thursday we came home to another sticker saying they'd made a second attempt. This time I called right away and listened through the EXTREMELY annoying voice mail system. (do they think if they try to make the voice sound human we will think it's a real person????) I finally got ahold of a person and told her that we would not be home to give a signature. She says, "We can send it to another address".
Fantastic. Send it to my husband's work address.
"Oh no, sorry," she says, "the shipper (Dell) has put a restriction on it that it can't be sent to another address."
Okay. How about delivering it Saturday?
They don't deliver on Saturdays.
Okay. How about you keep it at the store and we'll pick it up? What are your hours?
9-6, Monday through Friday. uh huh. And it's at the NASHUA store.
I tell her we can't get to Nashua in the middle of the day, it's too far.
She snidely remarks, "It's ONLY 16 miles."
yea, but as they say in these parts, "You just cant get thea from hea". How about if you transfer it to the Salem store (I could WALK to the Salem store from my house).
Sorry, we can't send it to a different place.
Okay, let me get this straight. You can't deliver it during a time when I will be home to sign for it. You can't deliver it to a different address. We can't pick it up during business hours. How about I speak to your supervisor??
"Sure," she says. And hangs up on me!
I call back.....frantically pushing the 000000000 button until the computerized voice gives up and sends me to a person. A guy answers. I tell him I was waiting for a supervisor when I was hung up on. He says, "Can I help you?"
"Are you a supervisor?"
"Then you can't help me. Give me a Supervisor."
He sends me to some bizarre voice mail place that was obviously meant for corporate accounts.
I hang up and viciously pound on the 000000 buttons again until I get a person. It's the same guy. By now I'm livid. "Do not hang up on me. Do not lose me. I want a supervisor....NOW!"
I finally talk to a supervisor who basically tells me the same thing. "Sorry, there's nothing I can do. Sorry, that's our policy. Sorry, we signed a contract with Dell and will not allow us to change addresses. Sorry Sorry Sorry. The only thing we can do is have a neighbor sign for it. I tell her I don't have neighbors who hang out at home waiting for my packages. And wouldn't that violate the "can't send it to a different address" rule????
I finally hang up on her (as she's in the process of wishing me a nice day). I'm beyond frustrated and ready to strangle someone. Later in the evening I think about my daughter who lives in Nashua, who might have some free time in the middle of the day. I call her up and of course she says she'd be happy to go get the package. (After Hubby bribes her with the promise of ice cream).
Naturally when I check to see where the UPS store is in Nashua, there is more than one so I must go AGAIN and call UPS to find out which store it will be at. When I tell the woman my daughter will pick it up, she says, "Be sure she has a picture ID with her."
OMG!!! Does it have to be her name on the package?????? "Does she live in the household? Is her last name the same as on the package?" No. Then she can't ....UNLESS.....she has a SIGNED NOTE from Hubby saying he gives her permission to pick it up!!!! ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDING ME??? (yes, I actually said that to her). Nope, not kidding. A neighbor can sign for it with no note, but my daughter can't.
So that's our plan to get the package. Hubby will give Jamie a note on Sunday when we see her so she can go to the UPS store next week and get the package. If they give her a hard will see the fireworks in all parts of the country!!
PS....I will post on my blog the letters I intend to write to both UPS and Dell.


Joan said...

I can't imagine whatever happened to "the customer first" principle of doing business. You poor thang. (hug) Hope your day today goes better!

tag vennard said...

Please not too much technical jargon dear! thing-a-ma-jiggy; doo-dad?? do these things mean a firewire port for our computer? yes they do!
love you