Saturday, October 25, 2008

Some Good Stuff

The AAA office I was hired for is in my hometown of Salem, NH. The building they're in was an old gift shop. We are in the process now of bringing in a portable office to put on the site, and the building they're now housed in will be demolished and a new building put up. Today we went into the unused rooms of the building to check things out and, although most of the place was cleaned out, I did find a couple of things left behind. Now.....Hubby is the packrat. He can't pass up anything without wanting to take it home. I'm the opposite, mostly because we live in a very tiny place and there simply is not room for most things. But today I was the one who brought home a couple of treasures. I only took them because I know they will be used. First is this picture frame. The picture is ugly, but Hubby is always looking for frames for his paintings and this one is very pretty. The other thing I found was this mantle clock. We don't have a mantle but I do want a clock in my living room. Right now we go by the little digital display on our VCR and I can't SEE it! So we'll find a spot for this.

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