Thursday, October 23, 2008

UPS Update

I finally got the package from UPS that was supposed to be delivered a week ago. I had to drive to Nashua - a 40 mile round trip that took me 1 1/2 hours. There was no triumph in getting the package. I wasted my time, my gas and added stress to my life that I really did not need. My letter to UPS: (which I personally think is way too polite) Dear UPS, I am writing to complain about the “customer service” I received from your company during a recent transaction. My husband ordered a part for our computer from Dell. Dell chose to deliver it via UPS. We live in a condo building which has a locked outer door and this package needed a signature. My husband and I both work full-time and are unavailable during the day. After receiving the first notice that UPS had tried to deliver the package, I called the number on the slip and met up with your “customer service” representative. After explaining the situation, your employee first told me the package could be routed to another address. I was delighted and chose my husband’s work address. Then she checked further (which she should have done before offering me that option) and found out Dell had put a restriction on the package that prevented it from being sent to another address. After going through every option I could think of, including: delivery after 5pm, delivery on Saturday, picking it up on Saturday at the UPS Store, etc. I even asked if the package could be sent from your store in Nashua to the store in Salem, which is right by my house. Again, the answer was no. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She hung up on me. I re-dialed, got a different representative, again asked for a supervisor, and he sent me to no man’s land. I hung up and called again, got the same person, who finally got me a supervisor. This supervisor answered everything I said with, “I’m so sorry, we can’t do that.” I finally hung up from her in frustration. After thinking about it for a while I called and asked my daughter, who lives in Nashua to get the package. I had to call UPS again to find out which store in Nashua had the package and was told my daughter could not pick it up if her address wasn’t the same as my husband’s. After some incredulous words on my part, she agreed that it could be picked up by my daughter if she had a signed letter from my husband giving her permission to do so. Finally, I had an unexpected morning off and went to get it myself. My drive to Nashua was 40 miles long and took me 1 ½ hours. I received it a week later than I should have. Your customer service representatives were rude and unhelpful. They refused to work with me and try to think outside the box in helping me retrieve my package. Your policies make it difficult for the average working person to get a package without a lot of problems. My suggestions: 1. Have one or two nights a week when signature deliveries can be made by appointment after 6pm. 2. Allow for packages to be delivered at a different address – including a transfer from one UPS store to another. 3. Have Saturday deliveries or at least have your stores open on Saturday morning so the average working person can get there. 4. Teach your customer service representatives the correct way to deal with customers and provide customer service. 5. Give us some recourse beyond the supervisor who gave me the exact same rhetoric as the person who answered the phone. In conclusion, I will say that I would hesitate to order anything via internet again that would involve delivery by UPS. There are other package handling companies out there and if I have the option, I would use one of them.


Anonymous said...

You're right, that's much too polite!

I also think you're right about who won the vice-presidential debate. Tina Fey rules!!

I wish Sarah Palin would put that poor little retarded baby down in his crib at home and let him sleep! She's always dragging him around like a rag doll in front of screaming crowds. The poor little guy always looks confused and sleepy. Way too much stimulation for a little infant, IMO.

Karen said...

I agree Heidilou. But I've been on that bandwagon before so I'm not going there again!!