Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This and That

Several things to write about today. We'll start off with bad news - My car went into the shop yesterday. Actually it's been in the shop about three times in two weeks. A big fat pain in the butt when you have to shuttle each other to jobs, etc. My hubby loves this independent mechanic, but I think he's difficult because he's one man in the shop and if he has time to get to your car, he does. If not, you're out of luck. Anyway, when all was said and done, all the repairs cost $560!! AND we still have to get a front-end alignment. I hate cars!!! The sad news today is that my cousin Michael has passed away. It's a long story.....his mother, my Aunt Isy, moved to town here in Salem about six months ago....she finally got a space in the elderly housing. She'd no sooner settled in than her son got sick. He had liver disease and was in dire straits. Auntie asked if I'd help her out with some legal stuff because she's literally all alone. No sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews...no grandkids. So I said I would and now that her son passed away I feel just terrible for her. I dont' want her to feel like she's all alone in the world, so I'll try hard to keep in touch and make her a part of my life. And just to make everyone feel happy after such a sad, sad blog......my DIL sent photos of my little Emily eating yogurt by herself for the first time. Hubby and I literally laughed out loud looking at the pictures. Here's the best one: Happy Tuesday everyone!

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