Thursday, October 9, 2008


Time for me to rant again. Can I just say how sick I am of hearing car alarms go off???? I live in a condo in a building with a bunch of other buildings all around. All summer long there was one particular car that had a very touchy alarm that went off two or three times a DAY! Every time a motorcycle or a loud car would go by, the damn thing would go off! Does anyone pay any attention to them? It's like the boy who cried wolf....they go off so often people don't even check anymore to see if someone is actually stealing their car. They just shut it off by remote from inside their house. I don't know if they guy fixed his alarm so it wasn't so touchy, or if he got sick of listening to it so didn't set it anymore, or if there are just fewer motorcycles out now to set it off, but we hadn't heard it very often in the past couple of weeks. Two nights ago, I woke up out of a dead sleep to the sound of that stupid alarm going off again. I was completely terrified and shaking like a leaf...I had no idea what it was at first. Naturally, I couldn't get back to sleep after that. And last night it went off again. If I can have the presence of mind to look out and see if I can tell which vehicle is blaring like that in the middle of the night, I'll find out which condo it belongs to and see if I can get the condo association to do something about it. If not...maybe the police. I can't imagine any other way of getting rid of the noise....except maybe shooting the damn car until it's dead! By the way, the reason I went into this rant is because I'm sitting here at 9 at night listening to an alarm go off......and off.......and off................

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