Sunday, October 12, 2008

Busy Weekend

It's been quite the busy weekend. It started on Friday. I was supposed to work only half a day. I figured I could spend the afternoon catching up on housework, laundry and grocerty shopping since I knew we'd be busy this weekend. About 15 minutes before I was scheduled to leave, the other girl working in the office reminded our supervisor that she was leaving at 12:30 - she had a wedding to go to and had asked for the 1/2 day off. That would mean the supervisor would be there by herself. I offered to stay for the afternoon and the offer was accepted. I quickly emailed Hubby and asked him to pick up something for supper because we were going to eat and then out to a coffeehouse. I got home at six and by seven we were out the door. We went to the Java Room to hear some friends play. It was an excellent night. They out-did themselves, even without the third member of their group who was unable to be there. We got home about 10:30 and watched the end of the Red Sox game. They won. Saturday morning we had to get up early because Hubby was playing piano at the Java Room at 9am. It was their fifth anniversary and they were having music all day. He played for an hour, then we went over to his sister's house to pick her up to take her to a Pow-wow. It turned out to be the Pow-wow that wasn't. We drove to the address and there was no one there and no pow-wow. We felt bad bringing his sister back to her house after giving her nothing. She didnt' seem too upset. We visited with Hubby's mom for a while then decided is was so nice out we'd go apple picking. We go for our apple picking to Apple Acres in Windham. I used to take my preschool there all the time for a field trip. I like going there because not only do they have apples, but they have the most scrumtious home-made donuts. We eat them hot with a cup of cold apple cider. mmmmmm........ We picked a bushel of apples.....oh my gosh....there are a lot of apples in a bushel! Hubby wants to make pies and I'll have to dig out some recipes for apple bread, apple butter, etc. We thought about going out to eat for supper, but we were both so tired we decided to order in some Chinese food and watch the Red Sox game. We slept through the middle innings...Hubby went to bed before the ninth inning and I lasted until the tenth and then gave up. They lost the game anyway. This morning we had to be sure to be out of bed and looking decent because my parents were coming by to pick up our donations for the walkathon. We sat and visited with them for a bit, then they left to go to my brother's house. Hubby made me some french toast and I did some cleaning in anticipation of the kids coming over this afternoon. I also baked a cake for him and had to go to the store on the pretext of getting milk so I could get the cash to have for the pizza delivery. Hubby doesn't know the kids are coming but I'm sure he has a clue. I don't normally make a cake for no reason. I'm not sure what time they'll get here. I told them mid-afternoon. I don't anticipate them staying very long. We'll have some pizza and cake and they'll be off. The Patriots are playing tonight, but I already know we shouldn't stay up for the whole game. Maybe just until halftime. Tomorrow is Columbus Day. I have it off but Hubby doesn't. Maybe I'll do all the laundry I didn't get to today.

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