Monday, September 29, 2008

No Play

Time for some grumbling............. Hubby and I were supposed to be in a play. Hubby got involved with this theater company several years ago when he was pressed into service as their piano player. They loved his work, so he was asked to play again for every musical they've done. The last time they did a musical, I joined in the cast with a very teeny tiny part so I could go to rehearsals and spend time with my hubby. Each time a play ends, Hubby says that's going to be his last play. They're so much fun, but they're also an incredible amount of work. A few weeks ago, Hubby got the call again and despite his protestations, he agreed to do another play. I figured maybe I could do the same thing - get a small part so as to be part of the cast. Since the actors need to audition with a song, Hubby was asked to be at the auditions. The first one was a Sunday late afternoon and literally no one showed up! That should have been the clue! Another audition was already scheduled for Monday night. We went again (the play is in a town 1/2 from our house) and this time three people showed up. Five men and five women are needed to stage this play. The director isn't one to give up so he asked if we could come back the following Monday if he drummed up some more actors. We said sure....he got four more people to come last Monday. Still not enough. We left the playhouse after being told by those that came to audition that they'd ask around their friends. Hubby and I both left with the impression that we'd gather again this Monday and hopefully we'd have enough people. We were ambivalent all week about whether or not we wanted the play to be staged. It really is a lot of fun and you meet some great people. But the time commitment is huge, and with a new job and a new grandchild.....we just weren't sure we wanted to do it. We showed up tonight at the appointed time of 7:30 and the place was dark......and locked. No one called or emailed us to let us know the rehearsal was cancelled. I was mad....we'd wasted our time and even worse - our gas by going down there for nothing. When we got home I got online and checked my email.....and there was an email from the director (with a time of 7:35) saying so sorry they wouldn't be able to stage the play but perhaps we could stage it in the spring and he hoped we'd be part of the cast then. No apology for not letting us know ahead of time. I don't know what happened. Hubby and I are both positive we left there with the director saying he'd see us all this Monday. But not one single person was there. So either we got it wrong, or he let everyone else know except for us. It's suspicious to me that we had an email when we got he realized he forgot and was just trying to cover his ass. Hubby sent a return email thanking the director for including us and assuring him we'd be interested next spring. I wouldn't have been so nice. Mine would have started with, "Where the hell were you?" I guess we'll never know what really happened.

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heidilou said...

That sucks! I wouldn't have been so polite either.