Thursday, September 25, 2008

The New Job

Working in a regular job again is pretty weird. I really like having a real place to go everyday. I dont' have to wait and wonder if I'll get called in to work. I don't have to worry about my paycheck being too small. I don't have to be bored or disgusted with "kids these days" and how bratty they are. Those are all the up sides of having a "real job". I also like having co-workers. When you're subbing you're always the odd person out. Even though I've worked in the School District for many years and knew a lot of people, I was never a regular, so not included in anything. No invitations to Tupperware parties, no one ever told me when it was "Jeans Day" (so I'd show up in a skirt and be the only one without jeans on) - no Christmas party or Secret Santa Gift exchange for me. It sounds funny but you really do miss that stuff. The down side is organizing my life with the knowledge that I will be going to work every day. Right now I'm working 32 hours a week, which gives me either a couple of half days or a full day off. Once the new office is up and running I will be full time. So right now is not so bad. Tomorrow is a half day, so I'll have some time to do laundry, clean my bathroom....possibly shop for a fall jacket and some new shoes. There are too many things I need to scrunch into one half-day. The rest will just have to wait for the next day off! So far I'm happy with the job. I'm still in training and will also be in training all next week. It's a very varied job, which I will like. And a lot has to be learned "on the job". But I'm confident I'll be able to learn everything and I'm told everyone is very helpful when you're stuck. We'll see about that!!

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