Thursday, September 18, 2008

Noah Frank is finally here!

We've been waiting rather impatiently for our new grandchild to arrive. Today was finally the day. Hubby had spoken with his daughter during the day on Wednesday and she said she was having contractions but they were still too far apart for her to go in. We text messaged around 10pm and got a message back that she'd call when things got going.
At 2am, we got a call from Wendy's boyfriend Allan that they were at the hospital, she was 6 centimeters dilated, and the hospital staff had told him he could call and let grandparents know they could come to the hospital.
We were a little surprised by this. We thought we'd be waiting at home until the baby was born. But if the kids wanted us at the we would go. We grabbed some coffee and tea and made our way to Leominster, almost an hour away. When we got there, Allan's parents were there and we settled in to wait. The nursery window was right there, so we spent some time watching the nurses care for the newborns.
Finally at 4am or so, Allan's mother went to the window to inquire how they were doing. Of course, the nurse wouldn't give out any info, but she could send the father out. (It's still so funny to think of these kids as the "father and mother".) Allan came out, looking very tired and weary, to tell us that they'd given Wendy a painkiller and it had slowed things down. She was dozing at the moment. We thought it would still be hours yet.
At 6:30, Allan came back out yelling, "It's a boy!" Once things had gotten going again, they'd gone with a vengence. Noah Frank was born about 5:45. We were delighted to find out we could accompany Allan inside to see the baby. The parade of grandparents followed him to Wendy's room, where she was sitting up in bed like a queen holding her new son.
Everything had gone incredibly well. No epidural, no episiotomy, and a minimal amount of pushing. Wendy looked wonderful, like she'd hardly had a problem. We got the chance to hold him and take many photos.

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heidilou said...

Awww! He's just a sweet little doll baby! Congratulations!