Friday, September 26, 2008

A Surprise Gift

I came home from work today and noticed, as I pulled up in front of my condo building, a big white styrofoam box sitting on the front porch of the building. What the heck was this? I got to the door and looked.....Omaha Steaks! Some lucky person got a shipment of Omaha Steaks. I leaned over closer to see which condo it belonged to, and the label said, "Karen and Tag Vennard"!!! Wow!! It was for us!! I carried the box inside, curious beyond belief to know who would send us such a gift. I wanted to wait for hubby to get home so we could open the box together, so I checked around for a card, but right on the front of the box was a note, "from Isabel Frechette". My Aunt Isy had sent us the steaks. My Aunt Isy is my Dad's brother's widow. She is somewhere in her 80's and has only one son, Michael, who is divorced and has no children. There is no other blood relative in Aunt Isy's family. Recently, she moved to Salem and I sent her a note saying if she needed anything.....a ride to the grocery store (although she still drives) or a help with anything, she could give me a call since we're neighbors now. Several weeks later her son became very ill and they didn't think he'd live. Aunt Isy called and asked if it would be okay if she put my name as her Emergency Contact Person in case something happened to her since her son was no longer capable. I said of course. She went to a lawyer and got me papers to be her Durable Power of Attorney in case of illness. We went over and got the papers and then I kept in touch with her about how her son was doing. Thankfully, he recovered but will need nursing care. So all this apparently led to her sending us a gift to say thank you for our help. I don't think we did too much, but I know it makes her feel better to show her gratitude. So now our freezer is full of steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, pork chops, stuffed sole, stuffed potatoes......and I can't remember what else! There was also a nice cutlery set in with the meats, which is something we've been wanting to get. Thanks Aunt Isy. You're a sweet woman.

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