Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn. The weather has been cool...... very autumn-ish. It's hard to believe summer is over and it's time for another New England winter. It's been a busy summer as usual, and it doesn't look like things are going to slow down anytime soon. Hubby and I have signed up to do a play. Hubby got started with doing plays several years ago when he was asked to fill in at the last moment for a piano player in a musical. Since then he's done several shows. A couple of years ago he was asked to not only play the piano, but to have a speaking part as well. He did a couple of shows like that. Then last year I ended out doing a very small role in a play....mostly because I didn't want to be left at home while Hubby was out two or three nights a week doing rehearsals. This time I've auditioned like everyone else and have a good chance to have a speaking part. I'm a little bit scared. Not of going up on the stage ... it's a melodrama so acting talent isn't a high priority. As long as you can be over-the-top dramatic it should be okay. I'm worried about learning my lines. I have a terrible memory so I'm going to have to come up with all sorts of tricks to memorize. It's a big commitment.....we must be crazy. I worked my first full day yesterday at my new job. Right now I'm in the Lawrence office for training. It's kind of a crappy drive.....straight down route 28, which is all lights and traffic. It takes me about 20 minutes to 1/2 hour depending on how I hit the lights. I guess that's not bad considering the commute that some people have to do. When I finally work at the Salem office my commute will be about 3 minutes. Now that's more like it. The training yesterday was pretty bad. The trainer is an extremely nice woman. I'd love to be working side by side with her on a daily basis because she's fun and easy-going. But she loves to talk....and not about the job. In our 8 hour day yesterday, she literally trained us for 45 minutes. I love to sit and chat about her kids and everything else under the sun but I'd also like to learn something! I go back there today all day and a half day Wednesday, then Thursday and Friday I'll be in Haverhill with my friend Sylvie. I'm sure that will be more informative. Our new grandson is thriving. His mom says he's eating like a pig and pooping it all out the other end! Perfect! She goes Thursday for his first check-up to make sure he's gaining weight. I'm so proud of my stepdaughter and her boyfriend. They are both very involved and have put the baby at the center of their lives.....as it should be. Time to get ready for work!!

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