Saturday, September 20, 2008

Genius Babies

Everyone in our family knows that my granddaughter Emily is the cutest, smartest baby in the whole world.....because I tell them so all the time!
So here are two stories to prove it:
DIL Kara told me one day last week she told Emily, "time for a bath Em, splish splash". Emily went over to a big pile of books and sorted through until she found the one she wanted, turned to the page with the baby having a bath and pointed to the page!!
I was babysitting the other day and singing "A You're Adorable" to Emily as I do every time I'm with her. The letter K is "K you're so kissable" so I usually stop at that letter and make a big kissing sound. This time when I sang it to her, when I got to the J, she put her hand over her mouth in anticipation for blowing a kiss when I did the letter K! Unbelievable, yes???
And by the way, our new grandson is just as smart. Grandpa Tag was playing the guitar and Noah picked his head up off my shoulder and stared at Tag as he played. He's going to be a musician....we just know it!

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