Friday, September 12, 2008


I have finally found the most boring substitute job in the world. I am subbing for the secretary in the IT department. This office is in a separate building from all the fact, it's in an old school in town that houses various offices that they have no other room for. The IT director was here for about an hour this morning, then left for the day (he said "have a nice weekend" before he left....otherwise I wouldn't have known.) There are two other people here in another office, but besides that I am alone. Those two people left for a meeting this morning for about an hour and I was completely alone! My only job is to answer the phone, which has rung 7 times in 5 hours. So far today I have: 1. Finished reading one book and started another. 2. Checked my email four times. 3. Checked my AESOP account for subbing assignments 4 times. 4. Taken an online IQ test (where I scored well above average) 5. Looked at all the other blogs I like to read whose URL's I could remember since I don't have my favorites. 6. Written emails to several people. 7. Played Text Twist 8. Played Minesweeper 9. Turned on Pandora so I could listen to music. 10. Checked Adperk where the only magazines available for the last month have been yucky ones.....all the others keep saying they're "coming soon". 11. Talked to my daughter for 1/2 hour on my cell phone (while I was alone). This is just confirming my decision to change jobs. I can't be this bored every day. My mind is turning to mush. I'll go home exhausted from doing nothing....not a good exhausted....a "can I lay on the couch and veg the rest of the night" exhausted. I'm hoping the new job involves some time of brains....because if I don't use mine soon, I will lose it!

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