Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Peace and Quiet might be OVER

Hubby and I live in a condo. We live on the middle floor, with a unit above us and a unit below us. When I first moved in 7 years ago (this was before Hubby) it was my first time living in a multiple-living-space building in 23 years. The first six months were somewhat of a nightmare. The people above me had the woman, the boyfriend/husband/whatever, the woman's mother and THREE kids living in a two-bedroom apartment. It was summertime and the children apparently had no bedtime. I could hear them literally jumping off the beds in the middle of the night. Finally, after months of no sleep, I tried to confront them and the BF/Hubby/? scared the bejeesus out of me. Finally I had no choice but to complain to the condo association. Typically, the condo rep said, "Oh yes...those people. We've heard about them before." Two months later they were gone, and were assholes kind enough to let me know it was "all my fault". There were about six months of bliss, where the apartment was empty. Then a couple moved in......middle-aged with no children. They've lived there the past five years and have been the best neighbors ever. Maybe once a week or so - strangely enough when the woman was at work - they guy would play a car-chasing/bombing/shoot-em-up movie on his surround sound. But he always had it off by 10pm. I loved having them there. Sadly, they are moving out. When I asked where they were going, they guy said, "Well.....she's going to York and I'm going to Somersworth". Oops! Bad Question. And now they're gone. We have no idea who's moving in. Or even IF someone is moving in right away. There's been a pickup truck in front of the condo the last two nights, and someone up there banging. We can only assume it's the owner getting the place ready for the next tenant. Please, please, please God.....Let it be a little old lady .....or a young girl who works 60 hours a week. Please no partyers, or drug-dealers, or family with many children. could stay empty for a couple of years. That would be nice.


Val said...

Good luck. There's nothing worse than bad neighbors.

Which reminds me....I will tell a little ditty in my blog post tonight.
Putting the post it on my hand as we speak :)

KLo said...

Best of luck with your new neighbors.

It's always a crapshoot, isn't it?