Monday, April 27, 2009

No Canoe Yet :(

We didn't get our canoe this weekend.....which was a real shame because New England is having a HEAT WAVE! Saturday, Sunday and today it was 80 degrees.....tomorrow might hit 90! It would have been so awesome to be able to get on the water and float along. Instead, we got together with our son Doug and my grand-daughter Emily. DIL Kara was away for the weekend at a wedding in South Carolina and Doug invited us to join him at the park. We took the baby on the playground while Doug jogged/walked with the dog around the track. Did I bring the camera? Of course not! There were some really great photo opportunities too. Isn't that always the way? Emily played on the little bouncy animals that you sit on. She's partial to the duck, and I was impressed that when someone else was on it she just stared at the person until they got the creeps and got off waited patiently for the person to get off. She really loved climbing up the climber to get onto the slide. But her favorite game of the day was "Run and let Memere and Pepere chase me until they are sweating like pigs and fall into exhaustion onto the ground." For some reason she prefers running on the pavement instead of the grass, which regularly gave Pepere heart failure. We rounded out the day with an ice cream at the little stand near the park. (Talk about location, location, location). Emily was more interested in the chickens roaming around free than she was with the ice cream. At one point, she was a little too interested in the chicken. I was afraid she'd get pecked with her friendly approach and her, "Hi Chicken!" digress completely.......what the hell is happening on Celebrity Apprentice? Melissa got fired? Not sure how that happened. There goes my theory about The Donald setting up a final confrontation between Joan and Melissa. Seriously.....there isn't anybody I want to root for. Both Joan and Melissa have totally lost any respect I had for them. They're both insane, hysterical shrews with no business or 'people' sense whatsoever. And if Joan quits the game because Melissa got fired.......she will have a negative amount of respect from me! Clint? Has no clue what he's doing or how he is coming off to people. I liked Jesse James but he was such a baby this week....and was obviously trying to throw Clint under the bus. I did like that he had the ba**s to congratulate Clint after he won. Brandy? Is totally being manipulated by Annie and has no idea. And I wouldn't vote for Annie even if they offered to pay me a million bucks......because I hate people that manipulate others. So where does that leave me???

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Erin said...

I can't believe it's already that warm in New England!

And I have only watched 10 minutes of Celebrity Apprentice, but I could totally see what you talked about in just the 10 minutes I watched.