Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All Emily

Emily had a blast at Easter at Great-Grandma's house. The two balls she is holding in her hands are from the Easter basket I gave her. She never let those balls go. There were three of them, and she was willing to give one away if you asked her for it, but she always had to have two of them. If you asked for one of those, you got a head shake and a resounding, "Noooooo". ( she says everything.......with a lilt at the end). And what can a 20-month old do on a bright and sunshiny spring day in New England? She can pick at the moss in the yard. She digs it out with her finger and holds it up saying, "Moss!".
She can play with a basketball. She runs and gets it and hands it to me and chases it when I throw it.
She can play with a soccer ball. She seems to 'get' that you are supposed to kick it. she sends it flying all over the yard.
Or I guess you can EAT the soccer ball.
Or you can pick at the rhododenron buds. She points to them and says, "bud" but then thinks she can sniff them like they're already flowers.
One of her favorite past-times is playing with rocks. Collecting rocks, counting rocks, organizing rocks......or offering rocks to Memere, who has to fling them on the ground when she's not looking.
Covering yourself in sand in the sandbox is always fun.
She doesn't quite get the bike yet. She likes to open the compartment and put rocks in it, but even though I sat her on it, she didn't know what to do and said, "done" right away.
We stayed outside for almost two hours. She kept herself busy, and kept me busy the whole time. I wanted to join her for a nap afterwards! But we went in and had supper and a tubby. Nothing like a full belly, a clean baby and an exhausted Grandma at the end of the day!


tag vennard said...

Our own little geologist. Isn't she adorable?
says Pepere

Erin said...

What a fun time spent outside! I really can't wait for spring so we can get outside more (it snowed yesterday!).