Monday, April 20, 2009

Belated Easter

Last night we had a belated Easter Dinner with Hubby's kids. His daughter Wendy came with her boyfriend Allan and their sweet little baby Noah. Son Kenny also came but without his boyfriend Matthew. We love having everyone over.....we don't see them often enough1 And we definitely don't see enough of Baby Noah. He is 7 months old now and as cute as a button! He was as good as gold, even though by the time they left it was past his bedtime. Some photos: Grampy is very serious about teaching the boy some music. Even though he thought the guitar was a drum, Grampy says he will be a "concert pianist" someday.
Memere is more intent on teaching the child some reading skills. He liked the books he got in his Easter Basket......even though his face doesn't show it.
Mommy knows how to make him laugh. She was dancing with him and he was just lovin' it.
Uncle Kenny is amazed at Noah's skill of standing without anyone holding on. The child is just turned 7 months and is starting to get up on his hands and knees. Walking will not be far behind.
It was also Wendy's birthday. Hubby made her the traditional cherry cheesecake for her birthday. I'm so glad they came to visit. I hope we see them more often.


Lucy said...

What a cute little guy! Enjoy him. That's for sure.

Threeundertwo said...

I just love that picture of him with his mom! They're both so cute.

wendy said...

we had so much fun thank you!! such good pics <3 love you