Friday, April 24, 2009

Bits n Pieces

So much going on to comment upon:
Cool - Susan Boyle. The latest UTube Sensation. She is awesome - no question about it.
Not Cool - She already had a make-over. Why don't they leave her the heck alone? Does she really need to be "beautiful" to have an amazing singing voice?
IPOD put out a new game called "Baby Shaker". Are you serious??? Are you ##%^& serious?? They pulled it off the market after public outcry. No kidding. The game is - when the baby cries you SHAKE your cell phone until it's quiet.....and when it becomes quiet it has X's over the eyes! Unbelievable. You think you've seen it all and then people go one step further.
Our upstairs neighbors are all moved out. For this past week, someone has been up there renovating. Banging, bumping, shouting....someone talking on their cell phone. Why do people think they have to YELL to be heard on a cell phone? And it's worse because they ripped out all the carpets so it echoes up there now. Hubby keeps telling me to cool it.....that there's nothing we can do about it. We just have to wait and see what happens. Although we were talking yesterday about ways we could scare people away.......staring out the window as people walk in....go upstairs and knock on the door and act like the 'drunk' downstairs (or send my across-the-hall neighbor up since he really is a drunk). I know I shouldn't stress about it....but it will affect our quality of life.
One of our travel agents here at work got an email from an unknown source. They get scam-type things all the time. "I am a prince in the Netherlands and need funding to go over and accept my inheritance. If you give me $5000 to make the trip, I will split my inheritance with you." Uh huh.
This time, however, the scam was "I have been asked by a friend of yours to TERMINATE you (at first we thought it meant terminate your job.....then we figured it out). If you give me $20,000 I will not do it." It's all written in broken English, which most of them are. We sent the email on to the supervisor......she sent it to personnel....and next thing you know we're being asked to "cooperate with the police". The police came and were not impressed. They assured us it was another type of scam, told us to have our IT dept. block that email address and delete any new correspondence we got.
The only saving grace was that the police officer (who was young enough to be my son) was HOT.
Amazing Race - I was sad to see the brothers, Mark and Mickey, go.....they were fun. But HELLO! follow the rules and you will not get kicked off. The two female teams left are bitches.....and who wants to root for the Chinese brother and sister? They've been top of the race from the beginning. I'd rather root for the I'm hoping Margie and Luke win. Hurray for Margie for standing up for her son and Hurray for Luke for learning to say "bitch" in sign language!
Celebrity Apprentice - It's a shame Herschel Walker got voted off. He didn't deserve it. It's extremely clear that The Donald is totally manipulating the show. He didn't want to fire Clint Black because he likes the controversy he creates. I'm going to bet my bottom dollar that The Donald is setting things up to have a Joan and Melissa face-off for a finale. Mark my words.
American Idol - so far I've been pretty happy with the way America has voted....except for Anoop. The guy has a phenomenal natural singing voice. He should have stayed and Allison should have gone. Lil definitely deserved to go....she's been going downhill since they've gotten to Hollywood. I'm hoping the top three are Adam, Chris and Danny. I picked Danny at the beginning and still stand by him even though Adam seems like the clearn fan favorite.
Survivor - SMOKIN' blind side last night!! Wow! They were talking about blindsiding Tyson and I was sure they'd be too scared of Coach to do it. But they weren't! And they did!! I loved it. I have to say I wasn't all that excited that they saved Sierra. She rolled over and gave up and did no finagling at all to extricate herself from her position. But I'm still glad they got rid of Tyson (who was turning into a Class A jerk) and ruined Coach's wonderful plans.
Have a great weekend. See ya on the flipside.


Anonymous said...

Oh, but she looks SO much better in that picture! She's still not beautiful, and I don't think she needs to be, but she was really painful to look at before. Just the eyebrows alone were scary. I wouldn't mind getting a free makeover if I looked like her. In fact, I wouldn't mind getting a free makeover if I looked like me!

LaRae said...

If Susan chose to get the makeover, I think it's cool. If not, I agree, stand back and let her do what she does best, SING!

Kaye said...

I'm still rooting for Margie and Luke too. I seriously hope they make it. Two lawyers don't need the $.

Lucy said...

I couldn't agree more. Leave Susan Boyle alone and let her be herself. Sheesh!

Debbie said...

Are you kidding me about that baby shaker game? That is the worst thing I've ever heard.