Sunday, April 12, 2009

Game On

It's been quite the weekend so far. Hubby and I had a nice time Friday night at the Java Room. It's a nice little coffee shop where we go to hear live music. Some good friends were playing so we went and had some raspberry smoothies and relaxed to the beautiful songs our friends write and play. It was a great Friday night treat after a long week. Saturday I worked in the morning then went with Hubby to my ex-father-in-law's wake. It was a very strange experience. I always got along well with my ex-hubby's family. In fact, they were upset for me when ex-hubby and I got divorced. They knew what kind of person he was and actually gave me kudos for staying with him so long. So it was kind of nice to see them again, despite the circumstances. My kids were doing just fine. They were visiting with relatives and heard a million times "Oh my gosh, I haven't seen you since you were this big!" They were holding up nicely. We only stayed for about 20 minutes because then we left with Jamie to take her to her football game in Hartford, CT.....about a 2 hour drive. The whole drive down it was pouring-down rain. Thankfully, it stopped just as we got to the field to drop Jamie off. Hubby and I had about 2 hours before the game started so we headed off for something to eat. I had looked online to find a restaurant and chose Black-eyed Sally's. It was a southern-style rib kind of place and turned out to be delicious. Hubby had blackened Catfish with mashed sweet potatoes and Collard Greens (yuck to the Collard Greens!) and I had cornmeal fried Catfish with sweet potato french fries and cole slaw. The food was wonderful and the atmosphere was fun. It was in an old mill building so the inside was all bricks but someone had painted all over the place. You could sit there and just gaze around at all the things to see. Our original intention had been to go early and sight-see in Hartford, but because of the situation we didn't have time. Now we really intend to go back and do that sometime. It looks like an interesting city. Black-Eyed Sally's has live music at night ...... we wouldn't be averse to going back there after a day of sight-seeing and have dinner again and listen to some music. Finally we went to the field for our purpose in going to Hartford. The weather was 40 degrees or so but thankfully not raining by that time. Hubby and I are old hands at watching games and had worn all our winter woolies. The Manchester Freedom played the Connecticut Crush. Freedom won the game 27-14. Jamie got the first touchdown of the game......a sweet catch and run into the end zone. She also kicked the extra point on three of the touchdowns and had some very hard hits on defense. I was so proud of her and the game she played. The whole team was awesome. The drive home went quickly and we were in the house by midnight. Today it's off to Grandma's house for Easter dinner. I'm making my sweet potato casserole as we speak. It'll be a long but fun day of visiting. Hoppy Easter everyone!


Debbie said...

That restaurant sounds so great. Don't you just love it when you find a little jewel like that?
I'm glad you went to the wake and that it all went well.

Suzie said...

I hope easter was a better day