Monday, April 13, 2009


First let me say thank you to those who gave their condolences on my ex-father-in-law. After fussing so much about the wake, it turned out to be okay. My kids were there together and weathering it well. The funeral is today....I'll call soon and see how things went. Easter yesterday was good. As usual, we all went to my Mom and Dad's house. They're both really good cooks so we had a nice ham dinner. Mom let some of us bring some of the side dishes this son's girlfriend brought fruit salad, my daughter-in-law brought regular salads and I brought sweet potato casserole. My sister and sister-in-law brought desserts. We all had a nice time. My grand-daughter had red-rimmed eyes when I walked in......she's a super-friendly little girl but needs a few minutes to acclimate when she walks into a roomful of people. I gave her a little Easter basket with some balls in it and she was off to the races. She ran around and had fun and charmed everyone for the rest of the day. The next holiday is ..........hmmmmm..... Patriot's Day. Our offices are closed (I think to save some money) so it'll be a day off for me. I don't know if I'll do anything special or just take the day to veg.

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Lucy said...

Vegging is good. Take the day and make the most of it. :)