Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Busy Busy

It's been wonderful that for the past two days I've been busy at work! Hurray! I'd much rather be busy than not. The days go by so much faster. Are we up for a review of our Reality Shows?
First up: Celebrity Apprentice
This is a new show for me. I watched the Apprentice maybe the first season then haven't watched it since. I don't know what made me start watching it this season but I've enjoyed it so far. This week......what the hell???? He fires Tionne because she volunteered to be a good friend to Melissa and go into the boardroom with her? I really think he just didn't know who to fire from that team since they'd worked together so well and he didn't want to fire Melissa, so he chose Tionne randomly. And firing Khloe because she had a DUI? I admire him for his stand on drunk driving, but that was a totally random firing as well. There was no question that Clint needed to be fired, but he chose Khloe instead. There is a method to his madness......I really believe he wants Melissa and Joan to be the last ones standing so they have to go head-to-head in the final task. Mark my words.
Next up: Amazing Race
I was sorry to see Mike and Mel get booted off on the last episode. I think they were a great team and genuinely loving of each other. Of the teams that are left I'd like to see Margie and Luke or Mark and Mike win. Tammy and Victor are just too predictable. I like to go for the underdog. And Cara and Jaime are just too mean.
I'm rooting for Taj. She is smart, wily and works hard. She had a good idea of forming an alliance with the other team. I'm glad JT did the right thing and didn't vote for her last week. Can we all agree that Coach has to go?
American Idol:
Some great performances again tonight. My favorite, Danny, and Hubby's favorite, Allison, are both doing great. I really, really think Scott finally has to go tomorrow night. I so hope that people arent' voting for him because he's blind. I would be horrified to think I'd won a singing competition because everyone felt bad for me. He just really hasnt' got star quality. And what happened to Lil? She's done bad the past three weeks. It's going be either her or Scott going home this week.
And I know it's not a reality show, but were we all sad to see the finale of ER last week? I watched the show religiously during the first 5 or 6 years, kind of watched sporadically during those murky years 7, 8 , 9, then started watching again. I thought they did an excellent job of bringing everything full circle. I loved that they brought Mark Green's daughter Rachel in to remind us of him and show that things come around and connect. I was disappointed they didn't get more of the old characters back for the finale......what about Lukah and Abby? And....please tell me why Nurse Haleh wasn't in the finale??


peewee said...

what?!! No RealHhousewives???

elizasmom said...

Yeah, I love me some ER too — I started watching it the year it began and I haven't watched every season faithfully (the Dr. Dave years were pretty rancid) but I admit to feeling more than a little nostalgic on that last night.