Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why is everyone so Snarly?

Yes....snarly. It's a word. Go look it up! I think because we want it to be spring so badly but it's not it makes everyone cranky. And those who are usually cranky are even more so. Today was supposedly 60 degrees out; with the crazy wind it was more like 40. Tomorrow......35-30 degrees!! WTF? Brought my car in to the garage today because it was "running rough". (Should that be "running roughly"? Who cares? It's a car!) It ended out costing me $400! The mechanic originally estimated $500, and it took less time than he thought so it only cost me $400. Somehow I was very excited and happy about that. Since when is it exciting to spend $400? The PITA at work who throws us all under the bus so much we have tire tracks up our butts wanted me to congratulate her today for helping out a co-worker. "Isn't it nice," she says, " when we all work together as a team and don't throw each other under the bus?" HELLO!??? It stinks that we got a new digital box for our Comcast cable - against our wills I might add. We had to do it....Comcast said so. And we can't figure out how to record onto our VHS tape with it. We might have to get DVR. And now I have to watch Survivor -which was on last night and didn't get taped because we coulnd't figure out how to do it - on my computer. Which is not comfortable. Because I do not have a couch in my bedroom where my computer is.


tag vennard said...

Who is snarly?
we'll figure out the taping stuff.
I love you

The Boob Nazi said...

It snowed like CRAAAZYYYYYY here in Utah today. SUCK.